1. backonmonday answered your post: Time for another Meet-up?

    Sounds like fun! Maybe on the 22nd, or the 6th?

    The sixth could work!! 


  2. Time for another Meet-up?

    Hey, it’s Anna! 

    I was just wondering when you guys might want to do another meet up? I had so much fun last time! I am open to a change in location since only like 3 of us actually came from Puyallup and some beautiful people came from farther than Seattle!!

    So if you want to have another meet up, just go ahead and offer up a date and location that we can decide from! Although I would still prefer a location that is maybe halfway between Seattle and Puyallup, I will consider all locations brought forth. :)


  3. invitus-verum:

    8 BIT- Carry On Wayward Son

    Song by: The Disco King

    (via quantum-force)


  4. Alder here!

    I just gotta say, one of my fav moments of the meet was when we all came to the rescue of the family whose cooler tipped over.

  5. Wayward summer social june 1st meet up group!